HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.7.0

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This is the latest version of my Vanillaccurate pack, minor changes were done, mostly fixes as well as some new blocks for 1.17 that were already designed but not useable yet.


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Quick note: with versions starting from 1.15 you will see a warning message about the pack being of an older format. You can safely ignore that message all the way to 1.17, it *will* still work.


Full Changelog since 1.5.0

    • copper block (regular, slightly weathered, semi weathered, weathered)
    • cut copper (regular, slightly weathered, semi weathered, weathered)
    • copper ore
    • amethyst block, calcite
    • candle
  • added still water for cauldrons
  • improved redstone based on Realaccurate :
    • redstone block, redstone ore, activator/detector/powered rails, observer back + on
    • redstone torch + off
  • improved stone bricks detail texture, removed some distracting features
  • improved gravel normals/POM
  • large improvement to textures on walls models ((mossy) stone brick walls, (mossy) cobblestone walls, bricks walls, (red) nether brick walls…)
  • fixed POM/normals on rails “on” blocks + observer back(& “on”) blocks
  • fixed detector rail redstone height/normals
  • redstone torch do-over
  • improved normals/POM on sandstone + slightly smoother POM on red sandstone (+ small fix to cut red sandstone)
  • fixed normals/POM on prismarine/dark prismarine blocks
  • started replacing remaining procgen textures with photographic ones
    • wood in torch, soul torch, redstone torch, stonecutter, smithing table, dead bush, bamboo, melon/pumpkin stems, loom, lever,
      ladder, tripwire hook, grindstone pivot, smoker, barrel, composter, piston, fletching table, all rails, birch door & trapdoor.
    • also slightly reworked stonecutter, smithing table, barrel top & open, composter, piston, rails
  • fixed slight issues with various torches (regular, soul, redstone)
  • fixed wonky redstone block normals


  • redstone_block
  • redstone_ore
  • activator_rail + _on
  • detector_rail + _on
  • powered_rail + _on
  • observer_back + _on
  • redstone_torch + _off
  • torch
  • soul_torch
  • gravel
  • sandstone
  • sandstone_top
  • sandstone_bottom
  • cut_sandstone
  • chiseled_sandstone
  • red_sandstone
  • cut_red_sandstone
  • chiseled_red_sandstone
  • red_sandstone_bottom
  • red_sandstone_top
  • prismarine
  • dark_prismarine
  • stonecutter_bottom
  • stonecutter_side
  • stonecutter_top
  • smithing_table_side
  • dead_bush
  • bamboo_stage0
  • melon_stem
  • pumpkin_stem
  • attached_melon_stem
  • attached_pumpkin_stem
  • loom_bottom
  • loom_front
  • loom_side
  • loom_top
  • lever
  • tripwire_hook
  • ladder
  • grindstone_pivot
  • smoker_bottom
  • smoker_side
  • smoker_top
  • smoker_front
  • smoker_front_on
  • barrel_bottom
  • barrel_side
  • barrel_top
  • barrel_top_open
  • composter_bottom
  • composter_side
  • composter_top
  • piston_bottom
  • piston_inner
  • piston_side
  • piston_top
  • piston_top_sticky
  • fletching_table_front
  • fletching_table_side
  • fletching_table_top
  • rail
  • rail_corner
  • activator_rail
  • activator_rail_on
  • detector_rail
  • detector_rail_on
  • powered_rail
  • powered_rail_on
  • birch_door_top
  • birch_door_bottom
  • birch_trapdoor


  • amethyst_block
  • calcite
  • copper_block
  • slightly_weathered_copper_block
  • semi_weathered_copper_block
  • weathered_copper_block
  • cut_copper
  • slightly_weathered_cut_copper
  • semi_weathered_cut_copper
  • weathered_cut_copper
  • copper_ore
  • candle
  • stone_bricks_wall
  • mossy_stone_bricks_wall
  • cobblestone_wall
  • mossy_cobblestone_wall
  • bricks_wall
  • nether_bricks_wall
  • red_nether_bricks_wall
  • water_still


Click the download links to get the corresponding resolution. If a download link doesn’t work or has issues, use any of the mirrors.

LabPBR (for most shaders except SEUS)

ResolutionMain linkalt link
LabPBR 16xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 32xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 64xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 128xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 256xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 512xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 512x LITEdownloadmirror

OldPBR (mostly for SEUS, also Sildur’s, Chocapic, Luma…)

ResolutionMain linkalt link
OldPBR 16xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 32xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 64xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 128xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 256xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 512xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 512x LITEdownloadmirror

65 thoughts on “HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.7.0

  1. Amazing. Very Vanilla. However, I would also like to see a version or more inflience on things such as diamonds. example. see how vanilla normals diamods is metalic. although unrealistic, i think its much nicer to have diamods and diamods blocks that are metalic. otherwise. amazing textures. I LOVE IT. just adding stuff like armor and etc would make it even better. maybe these could be in the form of addons as well

    1. Hey there! Just so you know some items and armors that have been designed already, but the packs still largely WIP. You’ll find it here if you want to give it a go : https://vanillaccurate.space/vanillaccurate_items_mobs/
      As for the diamond block, I think I will redo it at some point, I’m not entirely satisfied with its current design. As my packs use LabPBR my blocks use f0 (“reflectance”) instead of pure metallic, it turns out diamonds have a rather high f0 value for a non-metallic material. Of course if you use OldPBR packs they will be clamped to strictly non-metallic.
      I don’t want to alter the blocks in the base packs to values that would be too unrealistic, but an add-on pack could be conceivable at some point.

  2. when ever i try to use the resource pack from the resource pack menu in game, it wont load it. im using optifine 116.5 with BSL_v7.2.01pre1 and vanilla accurate 512x. keeps crashing my game

      1. When I use the same texture pack vanillaccurate 64x it doesn’t work it adds no 3D, please help

    1. It actually contains fewer animations and uses lower resolution plant textures, mostly. It also removes some values for sss and porosity because lots of shaders do not support those.
      It’s going to be adjusted further to ensure it could run on 16GB systems.

  3. hey, I need help downloading it I’m quite unsure on how to download it. first off I don’t know what the numbers mean next to download and I also don’t know what the mirror1, 2 or 3 are. If someone would be able to help me with this, that would be greatly appreciated

    1. Mirrors are alternative links in case main links wouldn’t work. Try main download links first, if they don’t work use any of the mirrors.
      As for the numbers (16x, 32x, …) they represent resolution of the textures. Higher is more detailed but also requires and uses more system resources. There is a guide with some instructions and explanations here: https://hardtopnet.ovh/download?shaderconf

  4. When I try to download it or use any of the mirrors they send me to sketchy websites that tell me to enable notifications and when I did that I almost got adware because my computer was getting spammed with notifications pls fix this

    1. You didn’t try all mirrors, but I agree ads can be annoying. I’d like to find a better ad service at some point anyways. Use mirror3 (if there is one) or simply mirror if the others didn’t work.

  5. Question:
    How do i install this resource pack and have it look like the video AsianHalfSquat made ?
    (im a noob)

      1. Hello again
        Here is what I’ve done so far.
        Installed optifine (1.16.5)
        Installed Resource pack (HardTop Vanillaccurate 32x v1.7.0 LabPBR for performance)
        Installed Shaders (BSL versions v7.1.04 and later)
        But so far, i haven’t gotten the 3D like texture shown in AsianHalfSquat video or in website pictures.
        Need a bit help if possible

      2. Did you manage to launch/activate the BSL shader? Did you notice an improvement over default Minecraft already?
        If so, you need to configure BSL to use the resourcepack’s data (normals, “fake 3D” which is POM, reflections, …) On latest versions you need to enable Advanced Materials in the shader’s options (either by going to options/video options/shaders/shader options on the bottom right part of the screen iirc; or by using the F3+O shortcut).
        On older BSL versions the option wasn’t called advanced materials but resourcepack something, I don’t remember exactly. Try installing BSL v7.2 if possible, it’s more up to date.
        Once you’ve located advanced materials, there should be options to enable POM or Parallax mapping. That’s the fake 3D effect that gives contour and relief to blocks.

  6. I’m trying to play Sky Factory 4 on 1.12.2 and I installed the resource pack but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m using Sildurs Vibrant Shaders and I’ve tried both the oldPBR and labPBR. I switch to the resource pack load up a game but it’s just regular minecraft textures.

  7. Hello, I really do like the textures in this pack, but wheneven I download the 512 or 256 it doesn’t work, and says the zipfile is empty. I also cant get the 3d aspect to work. I’m using OldPBR 64 and sildurs extreme VL.

    1. Could you please try downloading again? I just tried getting the 256x file and it worked straight away. There might have been a glitch yesterday as I was just working on downloads functions yesterday.
      Also the 3D effect you refer to must be POM or Parallax mapping. Look for that setting in the shader’s options (video options/shaders/shader options OR F3+O from within the game)

    1. Could you please try downloading again? I just tried getting the 256x file and it worked straight away. There might have been a glitch yesterday as I was just working on downloads functions yesterday.

  8. When I installed the 512x OldPBR, It just didn’t show up in the resourcepack list. I opened the texture pack and got the message “Unexpected end of archive” and noticed that it didn’t have the pack.mcmeta file that the other texture packs have. Is there a fix to this?

    1. Mmmh. When did you download the file? There were some issues like 12-15h ago, can you try redownloading the pack today? I tried a couple of times downloading full packs and I always received valid zips.

    2. I think it’s something to do with connection speed, when my download is fast enough I get a valid file. If the download is slower I end up with a broken archive.

    1. I have changed some functions and set the downloads to a fallback mode for the time being. There shouldn’t be any more errors. I’ll run some tests in the background from now on.

  9. Hey its me again, I downloaded the 512 lite and it works. However when I turned on POM in normal map it looks unnatural and looks like its layers of textures instead of a 3d model.

      1. Yes please do. So you managed to download the files without any more errors right ? I fixed the downloads by temporarily reverting back to a previous method while I investigate the issues.
        Are you still using Sildur’s extreme VL? POM looking like layers is usually indicative of low sample count. Look for a setting called quality, iterations, samples, (or something similar) related to POM in the shader options and increase its value

      2. Do you see the RP resolution slider on the right of your last screenshot? Raise it to the same value as your Vanillaccurate pack (i.e. 256 if you use Vanillaccurate 256x, and so on), tell me if this changes anything (it should)

  10. Oh hey it works! thanks for the help, also any suggestions on the recommended amount of ram to allocate for 512 for optimal performance?

    1. Well I still have to update/revamp some parts of the guide in that regard ( https://hardtopnet.ovh/download?shaderconf ) but you can use no more than -Xmx3G and you should be good to go and have enough memory all around. Don’t go too high or you’ll lose performance because the Java garbage collector will have to work harder to clean up memory and that will cause lag spikes.

    1. It’s a 512×512 block-complete 1.16 pack, which consist of more than 2000 files (with the normals and PBR maps) so yeah it’s bound to be large.
      If you find that too much you can go for the 256x one which is around 300-400MB.

  11. So, every time I load the 512x512x LITE it straight up crashes my game. And also, with the 256x256x I get 80fps with sildurs vibrant extreme with an rtx 3070, is that normal? Amazing pack btw

    1. Hey! You might be short on RAM, check out the guide here
      https://hardtopnet.ovh/download? shaderconf
      And here

      In a word, the 512x packs are pretty large and require lots of RAM. Even the LITE one might now work on 16GB RAM systems, I have to look into it further.
      Check the first guide for instructions to improve performance, some settings can make a difference. You should probably get a bit more than that with a 3070 and Sildur’s.

  12. My cpu usage is 20-30 percent, gpu is 50-60 percent, so yea, not that actually.
    Idk why this is though, i have optifine and i usually get around 300 fps vanilla, yet some people with a 1660 are getting 500 fps. im a bit confused on the whole situation.

  13. By vanilla, I mean no shaders, textures etc… I also did everything in those steps that you sent aswell, but thanks anyway!but I still Don’t know why my FPS is so low, I get 80fps in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Max settings (which is normal), on Rainbow Six Siege I get 120fps 1440p everything on max (which is also normal I think), minecraft is the only game that this happens, and I’ve not downloaded anything shady either, I’ve only Dowloaded popular stuff on CurseForge and Sildurs.

    1. Yeah tbh remember that minecraft is very badly optimized so even with high end hardware you can expect low fps. I’d have though some animations or rendering options could have slowed things down but if it happens without any shader or resourcepack then it’s something else altogether.
      Maybe check your rendering resolution and shadow resolution are set to 1x not higher, and that you play at 1080p? Also check mipmaps are set to max and terrain animations are disabled, those *will* make a difference in any case.

  14. Hey, I noticed the 256x version has some glitches with seus (old pbr) where the pom is causing blocks to clip and have some glitchy lines running through them.

    1. There shouldn’t be any problem with the 256x version, did you set the texture resolution parameter to 256x in the shader options? If so, do you have an AMD GPU? I think there are issues with HRR 2.1 and AMD, can you try another OldPBR resourcepack that has POM as well?
      Oh you’re talking about PTGI/HRR right? Because if you’re referring to Renewed then the only issue I know of is if you set an incorrect texture resolution.

  15. Hi there loving the pack,
    I was just wondering whether tools and weapons were changed in this texture pack or is something wrong with mine as my tools and armor still look like the original minecraft.

  16. Every time I try to load any of the resource packs (OldPBR), it says it is incompatible and some have prevented me from loading the game

    1. As I mentioned it before, you can safely disregard that message. I left the packs at an earlier version for convenience and backwards compatibility. It will work anyways. If it doesn’t work the issue lies elsewhere.

      1. strange, whenever i apply the resource pack, the game simply never loads. guess Ill have to look into it

  17. Excuse me. This Texture is for mcpe right? But why mine didn’t import, i changed the .zip into .mcpack, but why stilk not working?? Im a minecraft player and i need this kind of texture too so PLEASE HELP ME ON HOW TO ACTIVATE THIS TEXTURE ON MCPE..🥺

    1. This is NOT the pack for MCPE! This is the Java edition pack, check https://hardtopnet.ovh/download/?tier=public to find the correct edition you need.
      A word of caution though, the bedrock version is intended for the “raytracing” update of bedrock edition running on windows 10, PlayStation 5, and Xbox series X with hardware raytracing capabilities.
      It will run on some earlier or other bedrock/pocket editions buy without all the high-end effects such as normal mapping, parallax mapping, PBR materials rendering, …
      The only shaderpack that could have those features is GFPCoder’s shaderpack for Android but there’s no public version yet. I hope to release a version for this shaderpzck someday though.

      1. Now if you need the OBSES compatible version for MCPE/Android it’s not been released yet, but I’m trying to get it live as soon as possible.

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