HardTop Vanillaccurate 2K v0.3 EA

Vanillaccurate now got all packs released here on the blog, including the 2K experimental ones!

The 2K packs are very early WIP and will only get updated in a while after I revamped the whole Vanillaccurate process.

Please note some of those blocks may be broken, so don’t hesitate to report them here and if it causes issues for your builds/screenshots, just remove them or replace them with a 512x block for the time being.

This release consists of several theme packs now. 2K packs being so large I had to split them into different, smaller packs containing related blocks.

For now I divided them as 4 packs : the base pack (containing most “base” blocks such as grass, stone, ores, whatever), a terracotta/wool/concrete pack, a utility pack (with stuff such as furnaces, workbenches, …) and a nether/end pack.

I didn’t release OldPBR packs yet for this so for the time being, just use the converter if you need OldPBR. I’ll look into releasing more formats later.

Grab them now and tell me what you think ! Don’t hesitate to post screenshots on reddit with the hashtag #vanillaccurate, It would mean so much !

Click the download links to get the corresponding resolution. If a download link doesn’t work or has issues, use any of the mirrors.

most base, naturally-occurring blocks
like grass, stone, logs, dirt…
downloadmirror 1mirror 2mirror 3
terracotta, wool, concrete
glazed terracotta, concrete powder
downloadmirror 1mirror 2mirror 3
2K EndNether
blocks that naturally spawn in
the End or in the Nether (end stone,
nether bricks, …)
downloadmirror 1mirror 2mirror 3
utility blocks like furnace,
crafting table, smithing table,
hopper, cauldron…
downloadmirror 1mirror 2mirror 3

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