HardTop Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs v0.7 EA

Vanillaccurate packs went public, so here is the latest items-mobs add-on package for you!

Previous items-mobs was missing some resolutions. This pas has all resolutions except 32x.

changes with previous version include :

  • reworked creeper
  • added trident
  • added mobs : slime and magma cube

Click the download links to get the corresponding resolution. If a download link doesn’t work or has issues, use the alt links.

Resolutionmain linkalt link

4 thoughts on “HardTop Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs v0.7 EA

  1. Love your work. I’ve messed around with 100s of packs, you just hit it out of the park! I am using the vanillaccurate 512x lite old PBR with sildurs extreme vl. I am trying to use the 512x item-mob pack on top of that and its not changing anything at all? Any ideas? Thanks for all your work!

    1. Hey there! Glad you enjoy my stuff! I’m always so proud when people tell me they enjoy my work.
      As for items-mobs there should be a changelog somewhere but just know that it was initially a Patreon early-access perk up until I decided to share it to the public. Which means it’s currently incomplete and will get more elements later down the road. Lots of things planned for all my packs and software 😉
      For now I think I have a very barebones version of swords (wood, iron, gold, diamond) and some mobs (creeper, magma cube, slime). Just remember entities are currently broken in 1.15+, so normals/POM won’t work on them (and will either bug out or be disabled by the shaders entirely). Mobs being entities, they’re affected.

  2. For the few items and mobs that are done it looks amazing with SEUS PTGI. The pack in itself looks amazing too. Keep up the good work and I’m hyped to see my pickaxe shine when i’m mining or my axe when cutting trees!

    1. I’m glad you enjoy it! I’ll spend a bit more time on Vanillaccurate (and Realaccurate for that matter) items soon enough! I just need to tweak/fix some blocks and release a new Vanillaccurate version then I’ll switch over to tools.

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