Some more ContinuumRT shots!

Here are some more ContinuumRT shots, using latest B14 shaders and Focal Engine.

I used Vanillaccurate 512x with the latest early-access changes that were released to Patreon a couple of days ago.

I for one can’t wait to see where Focal Engine will bring the Java version of Minecraft, I feel it might really be a huge game changer as it’s something the community has been expecting and hoping for since the inception of shadersmods.

Focal is expected to bring Vulkan rendering to Minecraft, effectively replacing OpenGL as rendering API. Moreover, Focal could replace Optifine entirely at some point. The selling point of Vulkan is a much more modern implementation and better memory management, as well as the possibility to take advantage of RT cores on some GPUs (nVidia 2xxx and 3xxx, latest AMD GPU’s) and even possibly DLSS. This would all bring ContinuumRT almost on par with the Windows 10 Bedrock edition technology-wise (hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, hardware-accelerated temporal/AI upscaling, full path-traced rendering, …) which is pretty awesome.

Anywhoo here are the screenshots:

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