Happy new year…

I wanted to share some thoughts with you.First and foremost, I wish you all a wonderful new year, hopefully more inspiring and carefree than the one that we just left behind.

I also wanted to THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU for the astonishing support you showed me the past few months. It means more than you can imagine, and inspires me to do more and better!

HARDTOPnet is in a good place now, my projects taking off a bit.

Vanillaccurate is 1.16 complete with regards to blocks and tile entities as you know. I’m also releasing RTX packs on a regular basis, which get small fixes and tweaks that are specific to the Bedrock version. Vanillaccurate for Java also gets small fixes and updates and will probably get a new version soon with minor changes. I think it’s good as it is, but I might improve some of the older blocks at some point. Development will pick up when 1.17 releases and a shader mod version is stable enough.

Realaccurate is getting new blocks and I started tackling the trickiest one with a new method. The complex blocks like crafting table, smithing table, and all other blocks that have various small items and very specific shapes are getting designed using Blender, then exported to Substance. It’s a bit slower but looks so much better! I’ll release a “major” version for iron patrons when all glazed terracotta blocks are done.

ToonAccurate is still very early but I found my style on this one. I’m really hyped with it and can’t wait to have a bit of free time so I can focus on that one some more. It’s cartoony but with some nice details and the distinctive HARDTOPnet touch. It will also look better than Vanillaccurate and Realaccurate when used without shaders because of all the baked-in stuff (AO, speculars, …). It’s still done with shaders in mind of course, and looks better with all LabPBR features available. It will also get an RTX version for the Bedrock Windows 10 edition. There is already a demo available.

I also made some progress on the HTMCToolbox software but it’s not ready to go public yet, so stay tuned for that one, more info will be shared in the coming months or so.

Anyways, thanks again for your interest and support, I can’t wait to see what this brand new year will bring for HARDTOPnet and the rest of the Minecraft scene!

Take care.

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