Continuum RT B13 is out…

…and is MUCH more than we could have imagined !

Those brilliant guys managed to pull off something that we’ve all though almost impossible so far: creating a new rendering engine for Minecraft that would overcome Optifine’s limitations: more buffers, a more streamlined pipeline, Vulkan compatibility, and maybe the most anticipated one: taking advantage of hardware ray-tracing hardware to accelerate all RT/PT calculations. Possibly even DLSS would be on the table! This new rendering engine is a mod (forge and fabric for the time being) and it’s supposed to be a complete Optifine replacement/alternative at some point. This new engine is called Focal engine.

I won’t say more because their blog post says it all much better than I could, so check it out here:

I wanted to see how Vanillaccurate would look with Focal engine and B13 so I took a bunch of screenshots. There are lingering bugs and performance issues at the moment but it’s still pretty early in the development cycle and most issues and bottlenecks have already been identified by the Conti-guys.

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