Dev news: Vanillaccurate RTX is about to get an update

…but for eff’s sake what a mess it is to work with Bedrock assets…

First, there is almost no official or even unofficial resources/docs. No way of knowing what Bedrock expects as filenames, json naming conventions or even values… Some info is scattered here and there but some other very important data is completely inexistant.

For instance, you have almost no way to know that some blocks should go in a specific subfolder in the blocks/ base directory. I wondered why warped stems weren’t working when warped wart blocks had no issues. I moved warped stems in a huge_fungus subfolder and voilà, it worked. The only way to know is the “example” pack MS provides, but without any explanation to why it’s done this way.

More inconsistent is the fact some warped or crimson blocks require to be located in that subfolder when others don’t (like the warped wart block I mentioned); but some blocks that require being put in that subfolder don’t even have any relation to fungi at all,  like crimson/warped doors and trapdoors (huge fungi are the nether “trees” that consist of warped/crimson stems and nether/warped wart blocks) while the very same wart blocks that are part of those fungi don’t go into that huge_fungus folder…

Another misleading thing is again about doors. Bedrock uses _lower and _upper suffixes for the parts that make up doors, whereas Java use _bottom and _top.
Now I think Bedrock and Java are supposed to get unified more and more with consistent naming schemes. That’s why for instance all planks are named planks_xxx in Bedrock and xxx_planks in Java, but the latest crimson/warped planks follow the Java naming pattern (warped_planks instead of planks_warped).
Now about those doors… The lower part is called warped_door_lower (like Bedrock usually does), but the upper part is called… warped_door_top, like Java does. Yay!

Another one, up until now logs where following this scheme: side blocks are called xxx_log and top blocks are called xxx_log_top. Now warped stems don’t follow that rule, their side blocks are called warped_stem_side. What’s funny is that crimson ones are not called stems but logs, but with the same _side suffix added… Complete inconsistency overall.
Oh, by the way, the stripped variant of the crimson “log” is called stripped_crimson_stem

Add to this the fact I discovered texture_set.json’s referenced file names are case-sensitive, and you’ll understand why I am this close to bashing my head on my keyboard.
I’m pretty sure those are leftovers and oversights from the beta and development periods, and it stems (no pun intended?) from a hasty release before the holidays. A kind of Cyberpunk 2077 effect ?

Anyways, I figured out most pitfalls, and I think I can say a release is due soon. There might still be some quirks and issues and bugs, but I’m counting on your feedback to fix them.

Here are some screenshots of the latest fixes:

  • fixed chain
  • slightly adjusted water opacity and added flowing water
  • designed/refined lava (flowing and still), you’ve probably already seen that in a previous post
  • added missing stuff like twisting vines, crimson root in pots, soul campfire fire…
  • fixed most nether stuff I mentioned before (crimson/warped planks, doors, trapdoors, stems, …)

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