Dev news : replaced some old wood

I have been working on Vanillaccurate for a couple of weeks on the side to replace some of the old proc-gen textures that seemed out of place in a “realistic” setting.

Mostly it was about wood textures. I replaced those with several different photographic ones that seem much more in-line with what I want for Vanillaccurate.

Check out those screenshots with Kappa v3.0. The affected blocks are, among others: torch, soul torch, redstone torch, stonecutter, smithing table, dead bush, bamboo (first stage), melon/pumpkin stems, loom, lever, ladder, tripwire hook, grindstone pivot, smoker, barrel, composter, piston, fletching table, all rails, birch door & trapdoor…

I also brought some small improvements to some of those blocks mostly regarding masks and heightmaps.

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