Dev news : calcite and copper ore

Here are some new 1.17 blocks designed for Vanillaccurate. I added calcite and copper ore.

For calcite, which has a crystalline structure so I made it to be similar to amethyst in appearance (albeit with larger crystalline features).

Copper ore has verdigris/oxydation on the original block, so I used that to represent the various materials accordingly. What I did here I probably couldn’t do with Realaccurate because of mask bleeding which is less of an issue here: I used a different F0 value on verdigris than on the copper parts themselves. The block’s “rust” don’t have those different F0 and only rely on different roughness to give the oxydized looks but that’s because they’re not clearly delimited and I can’t use intermediate F0 or have multiple layers as the “real-life” materials do. Using a harsh F0 transition would look bad because of mipmaps. Here as we retain the original 16×16 pixels as large-scale features, it can sometimes work as it does for this specific block.

Anyways, those are always subject to changes and improvement along the way.

Those screenshots all use Kappa but different versions (some use v2.2, some v3.0 E12, some v3.0 T1):

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