Dev news : some improvements to ToonAccurate (AKA HTNRPP)

I wanted to improve on some existing blocks already because they didn’t totally fit in the style I wanted for them in ToonAccurate (codename HTNRPP).

Those changes are subtle but important nonetheless: I improved tiling on stone and coal ores, reworked AO and adjusted diorite and andesite to better fit the style of regular stone.

I also added more roundness/volume on coal chunks in the coal ore blocks.

The stone bricks related blocks were improved overall, having a darker albedo and some added faceted-like features. I added custom models to avoid tiling issues on stairs blocks, as you can see on the 4th and 5th screenshots.

Cobblestone and mossy cobblestone also got subtle fixes and tweaks to better define the cobbles’ contours and contrast.

Those screenshots were using the BSL shader with black outline/promo outline (AKA cel-shading).

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