Dev news : BoP dead logs/planks, flesh

The Biomes’o’Plenty add-on just got new blocks ! Dead logs (and their corresponding top textures), dead planks, and flesh.

For flesh, I wanted to add strong SSS to improve the organic aspect. I think it hit home !

I’ll try and release a preview version pretty soon. Your feedback is important !

Check out these insane screenshots thanks to the latest Kappa v3.0 E10a, SEUS Renewed E2, and SEUS PTGI E12 shaders :

2 thoughts on “Dev news : BoP dead logs/planks, flesh

    1. It’s still in progress, but I have to split my time between designing Realaccurate, fixing Vanillaccurate RTX bugs, adding some contents to ToonAccurate, and developing the website. So I’m quite a bit busy as you can see 😃
      No worries though, it’s planned and I’ll try and do some more blocks in the near future. I’ll also release a (free) early access version at that point.


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