HardTop Vanillaccurate 1.5.0

There is a new version available, click here.

Here’s a new public release of the Vanillaccurate packs !

In this new version I added some missing elements and improved some other ones. Check out the full change log below.

Quick note: with versions starting from 1.15 you will see a warning message about the pack being of an older format. You can safely ignore that message all the way to 1.17, it *will* still work.

added missing blocks: glass pane top, potted crimson & warped roots, smoker bottom, quartz bricks
improved rails based on Realaccurate experience
slightly improved/altered furnace (lower side part + most of the front part now smooth stone)
slightly improved grass path
reworked smoker normals & POM a bit
slight adjustments to armor stand
added banners
improved oak and dark bark blocks: logs and signs
improved blackstone + top + gilded blocks
slight tweaks here and there (gravel roughness)
improved stone and all dependent ore blocks (iron, gold, diamond, coal, emerald, lapis, redstone)


HardTop Vanillaccurate 16x v1.5.0.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 32x v1.5.0.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 64x v1.5.0.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x v1.5.0.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x v1.5.0.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x v1.5.0.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x LITE v1.5.0.zip – mirror1 – mirror2

HardTop Vanillaccurate 16x v1.5.0 OldPBR.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 32x v1.5.0 OldPBR.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 64x v1.5.0 OldPBR.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x v1.5.0 OldPBR.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x v1.5.0 OldPBR.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x v1.5.0 OldPBR.zip – mirror1 – mirror2
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x LITE v1.5.0 OldPBR.zip – mirror1 – mirror2

NOTE: if you have issues downloading past the ads, try another browser or use an ad-blocker. Please only use one if you really can’t get past the ads without it, ads are a source of revenue for my work and the reason I can leave some of it to you for free! Thanks for your understanding 😉

31 thoughts on “HardTop Vanillaccurate 1.5.0

  1. You might consider switching to an ad site that isn’t Adfly. It forces users to allow desktop notifications to continue to the download and, if you’re like me, it literally never pops up an option to (even if I did want to get spammed with notifications for a Minecraft texture pack).


    1. I know, and I agree. I set up mirror sites to give users some alternative. That being said the mirrors don’t seem much better.
      I used to rely on AdFocus which was much more reliable and less intrusive but they decided to suspend my account without cause (I sent all required proof but that made no difference).

      If you know of a good, reliable and rather unintrusive ad provider, I’d be glad to use it instead of the ones m currently using.


      1. Have you tried both alternate mirrors? Otherwise the $1 patreon gives you access to ad-free downloads. I know it’s not ideal but rest assured if I find a better adlink service I’ll use it instead.


  2. Hey HardTop, I’m having trouble using the Pack because I have 1.16.4 Java – so when I add it, Minecraft says that it’s incompatible. Is there a way your fans who’ve updated their Minecraft Edition can still use the pack?


    1. Oh I should definitely make a note about that.
      The pack still uses a previous format for ease of use, as it’s supposed to be useable from 1.14 all the way to 1.17. 1.12 is supported by means of a converter.
      You can safely ignore the warning and use it anyways. Some other resourcepacks also use that trick to ensure compatibility with a wide range of versions.
      I might someday look into adding conversions to newer versions but it wouldn’t change anything or work better, except for the message.


    1. Well it’s a full 512x pack, so it can get pretty large. In doubt you can try the 128x version which can be virus-scanned by Google Drive if it sets your mind at ease, but I assure you I don’t share viruses, it would be counterproductive for me in fact. Moreover viruses are usually very small, much like their real-life counterparts. Only a couple of KB can be enough to hold a virus so you can’t rely on the download size to assess the risk of viruses.
      Long story short, I guarantee you there’s no virus in my stuff, and if you’re not comfortable with it either load a lower res version that google drive will scan or use an antivirus scanner to check the downloaded ZIP.
      Side note, if you feel the ad-supported link you’re trying to download from is too scary, don’t hesitate to use the mirrors. I set them up for this exact purpose. I might look for other, better ways of dealing with ads in the future though.


      1. yeah the file size doesn’t have anything to do with viruses, I once downloaded a x2080 texture pack and it was 2.5 gigabytes which scared me because I thought it was a virus but it turns out that high res texture pack can be quite big in terms of file size


    1. Direct downloads are a patreon perk (at the lowest tier), but I added mirrors in case adfly would cause issues. Look for the mirror 1 – mirror 2 links besides the downloads and try these out if the main one doesn’t work.
      I’m considering changing the ad-links at some point to something more reliable though, but it takes some setting up and development time so it might be a while. I’ll let you all know.


  3. Dear Hardtop, I love this pack! I was looking for a good 3Dish pack and This really hit the spot. I am currently using this at 256x with sildur’s advanced shaders and I can run it just fine! (I have an old computer) most high res texture packs i’ve found either don’t have all the blowfish done or crashes my game but this one is truly amazing!


  4. Is there a version of this with all textures done? when in the nether, netherrack near nether quartz or nether gold looks weird, campfires look incomplete, and furnaces look weird af.


    1. could you please elaborate? provide a screenshot maybe? version 1.5.0 has all blocks/tile entities done and few bugs so far, I don’t think I heard about the issue you described. You are referring to the Java version not the Bedrock one right ?


    1. Haha yes, let me explain how I named the packs.
      When I don’t specify anything in the pack name you have to assume it’s a Java/Optifine compatible pack with either OldPBR or LabPBR format.
      The Bedrock version is intended to be used with the new raytracing update so I dubbed the Bedrock packs “RTX” (even though Bedrock seemingly uses DXR really but oh well) like “Vanillaccurate RTX” or “ToonAccurate RTX”.
      Those are the ones to be looking for if you want Windows 10 Bedrock RTX/DXR packs.


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