Dev news : banners

I’ve recently been reminded that banners were missing from Vanillaccurate. I was initially thinking of putting them in the items-mobs add-on but it doesn’t make much sense after all. I even thing I’ll move shields from items-mobs back into the main pack at some point, but I digress.

So here are the banners ! They’re using some texture sub-surface scattering for the shaders that support it. They also use a similar pattern to wool blocks, but rotated.

I decided to show them off with lots of well-known shaders, but I used version 1.14 as optifine currently seems to have broken normals/POM on entities for all later versions. For this reason, many of those shaders have disabled those effects on entities with versions 1.15+ for the time being.

Kappa v3 E9

BSL and edits

Continuum 2.1 alpha build 11

Zombye’s shaders (new RT project and Fraction)

Other shaders

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