Dev news : Vanillaccurate missing blocks

I noticed some blocks were missing in the 1.4.0 version of Vanillaccurate. I started adding back those missing blocks and I wanted to share with you some screenshots to let you know about those.

Those missing blocks were : potted warped/crimson roots, smoker bottom, quartz bricks, glass pane top.

Here is a preview for version 1.5.0. All screenshots done with Kappa v2.2.


I also improved the normals/POM and material masks a bit on the other current textures.

Quartz bricks

Potted crimson and warped roots

I will keep working on improving existing blocks (some are pretty old and would benefit from a fresh coat of pain) for release 1.5.0. This one will probably be the last one being designed at 512x natively. Later versions will be native 2K.

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