Dev news : a bit more about MC_Toolbox

You remember I mentioned a toolbox I was working on. It’s currently going well, I have laid out basic foundations and it can already convert various formats and recognize the packs and their characteristics (resolution, PBR format, …).

It’s still very early but it’s already working well enough to allow me to convert my packs to other formats.

It can recognize Java packs as well as bedrock packs as of now.

Future functionalities might include :

  • conversions from/to any MC version (Java 1.8, Java 1.13, Bedrock, …) and from/to any PBR version (OldPBR, LabPBR 1.3, OldPBR+emissive, possibly grayscale…)
  • blocks grouping for batch operations
  • resourcepack mixing
  • studio features to easily build new resourcepacks (conversions, adjustments, batch operations, templates, …)
  • file watcher operations to convert packs on-the-fly (when designing a _s file with LabPBR format, it will allow you to automatically convert it to OldPBR in the background for example).
  • and possibly much more !

Keep an eye out for an early release on the patreon ! I might create new tiers for this because it’s a pretty hefty tool. I might release a free, “lite” version to replace the current converter though.

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