Dev news : small teaser for CTM glass

Yeah today I worked on a small surprise for Vanillaccurate : connected glass !

I know lots of you were kinda missing the CTM glass with Vanillaccurate so I decided to try it out.

For now, the biggest issue is of course memory. All stained glass blocks with their full CTM variants weigh a whooping 250MB+ for the 512x version. Each block has to have 47 specific textures for proper CTM glass to work. For 256x and lower this won’t be an issue.

That asise, it’s looking pretty rad ! Check it out here, I used Complementary Shaders 2.6 for these screenshots.

Next step would be bookshelves I suppose. Don’t hesitate to give me feedback and suggestions on which blocks could benefit from CTM while still complying to Vanilla !

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