Dev news : a bit more on 3D models

So I’ll paste here what I posted on Curseforge, there are a bit more information about what this add-on project is about.

Some of the images you’ll see have already been shared, but you’ll also see the improved ladders as well as a new block: furnace.


I started working on a 3D pack for non-POM shaders, like some already exist but with some things in mind.

  • First it was developed with Vanillaccurate in mind (but it could also work with other RP’s)
  • Also it’s designed with performance as a goal, so not all blocks will be designed (of course) and those that will might have some shortcuts done to avoid having too much unneeded extra geometry.

My plans are currently to design 2 or 3 packs:

  • one with rails and ladders and such,
  • one with utilities (furnace, loom, workbench, …)
  • and possibly one with brick-like blocks.

Why separate packs ?

  • because some shaders might benefit from having 3D rails and ladders but don’t need other blocks to be 3D (because they have POM)
  • or some people would prefer not having any 3D models at all (I’m not including it in Vanillaccurate base pack)
  • also bricks might or might not get designed, I’ll check that later on when most of the first two are complete.

Why those blocks mostly ? Because they’re usually not present in great numbers at one time. They’re usually player-placed not naturally generated (yeah rails can generate in underground mines but those happen quite rarely and there are not 1000’s of rails anyways). 

Whereas blocks such as cobblestone can be overwhelmingly present (on player-made structures but cobblestone can be used for large stuff), or stone/sandstone which generates automatically in very large numbers. Those blocks could have serious performance issues that’s the reason why I’ll carefully consider what to put in the third pack and keep it entirely optional as the first ones are anyways.

For the time being it’s a WIP I release as early access perk for gold patrons. If you’re interested in supporting this add-on to Vanillaccurate, don’t hesitate to subscribe here

Here are some screenshots for you ! 

More pictures with the description of shaders used in the Imgur gallery :

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