Dev news : crimson doors

Today’s featured block is a new 1.16 one. Well it’s more than one block really, I’m talking about crimson doors and trapdoors.

I used the same texture pattern as for crimson planks, obviously, which have wood-like grain but with additional warped relief.

I tested that using several shaders :

Crimson door, Kappa 2.2. Also visible: basalt and polished basalt.
Crimson door close up, Kappa 2.2
Crimson door and basalt, Kappa 2.2
Crimson trapdoors, Kappa 2.2
Crimson trapdoor showing specular reflections, Spectrum shader
Crimson door, Spectrum shader
Scene featuring several of the new nether blocks, Continuum 2.1 alpha build 10.
Crimson door and trapdoors, basalt and polished basalt, BSL v7.1.05 dev

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