Dev news : lots of work on Realaccurate, new open-source vanilla-like assets

I’ve been quite busy as of late, I’m doing steady progress with Realaccurate. Here are some recent screenshots to give you a rough idea of where I currently stand. I added lots of base blocks such as cobblestone and mossy cobblestone, oak bark and stump, bricks, sandstone (I already posted some of those before on the blog), andesite, diorite, granite and their polished counterparts, all planks variations (well the overworld ones at the very least)…

Those screenshots where taken using either Kappa 2.2 or Spectrum. The last two (with Riften map) were shot using PTGI.

I also worked on open-source assets and integrated those to Vanillaccurate, as a new “market-compliant” pack (i.e. without Mojang-licenced assets).

Here are some screenshots of the current “open-source” pack. I added default vanilla frames in between so you get a better comparison.

I also added the crafting table :

And as I said I added those new open-source blocks to Vanillaccurate, check out this side-by-side comparison between the open-source assets only and Vanillaccurate using these open-source assets :

… and a screenshot of the new crafting table with Vanillaccurate :

Aside from that I’m also still working on the converter toolbox. So yeah I’ve been busy and I have more ideas for the future. I might talk a bit more about that in the near future. So stay tuned and thank you so much again for your support ! It means so much !

Take care

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