Dev news : Vanillaccurate, Realaccurate and mc_vanilla_like

The last days were spent designing more Realaccurate blocks and improving some Vanillaccurate ones based on their Realaccurate counterparts. As I’m also designing Minecraft-“like” blocks as an open-source project I’m using those licence-free blocks to design Realaccurate.

This means I’m also gradually converting Vanillaccurate using those free blocks, in order to bring it to the marketplace. The original version will still be around of course.I’ll show you screenshots to illustrate my point.

Those are Realaccurate screenshots of the various sandstone-related blocks:

Kappa v2.2
Continuum 2.1 alpha 9

Here are the corresponding Vanillaccurate blocks using open-source assets:

Kappa v2.2

You see those are quite close without being the same. Realaccurate aims to be realistic yet still be fitting for default builds by being close in shape and color to vanilla blocks (much like R3D was back in the day, but with resolutions up to 2K)

Lastly, here are the new sandstone blocks using original (i.e. Mojang) vanilla blocks (these are the blocks included in the current Vanillaccurate release)

Kappa v2.2
Kappa v2.2

So you can see I won’t run out of things to do in the foreseeable future ! Don’t hesitate to check (and why not take part in) the mc_vanilla_like project, it might come in handy for those artists who are willing to re-use original assets to design their packs but without the licencing issues that may arise.

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