Dev news: MC Vanilla-like

As some of you might know, I started designing a pack for RP artists to use as default blocks -which looks very close to the default Minecraft vanilla blocks- but without the copyright issues. I decided indeed to release that as an opensource project on GitHub:

So far I designed some basic blocks : oak planks, logs & log tops, stone bricks (also cracked, chiseled, mossy), cobblestone (also mossy), bricks, dirt, grass, sand, iron block.

If you have any use for licence-free, default-looking Minecraft blocks, don’t hesitate to use it as you see fit. It’s totally free and you are encouraged to reuse it even for commercial purposes.

It’s an ongoing process so it will get worked on regularly. Some blocks will probably also be improved so they are as close to vanilla as possible, have more accurate tiling, more faithful coloring, …
If you also want to take part in the designing of this pack don’t hesitate to contact me !

Here are a couple of screenshots (With Raspberry Public 4 shader)

grass, cobblestone and mossy cobblestone
chiseled stone bricks and stone bricks/cracked stone bricks in the background
stone bricks and cracked stone bricks, sand, grass, dirt/grass side, chiseled stone bricks
stone bricks and mossy stone bricks, also a bit of sand, grass and dirt/grass side

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