For some it may refer to the mighty weapon of god Neptune (or Poseidon, if you’re across the Ionian sea. Funny thing, when you like music and musicology the so-called greek modes are all based on names of greek-related people during Antiquity. Ionian mode refers to the major scale. But I digress. Also funny thing planet Neptune has a moon called Triton, and in the Mythology Triton was the son of Poseidon, which is the Greek equivalent of Neptune. Am I digressing again ?)

Anyway, as Mjólnir is Thor’s mighty hammer, the trident represents Poseidon’s (or Neptune’s) most iconic weapon. It’s a pole weapon. I think I remember in Roman times some spear-like weapons were used as thrusting weapon (a long pole weapon) such as hasta, some were shorter and used as ranged weapons: pilums (pilii? pila?) which were throwing javelins that also were used as a specific trial in Olympic events and still do today. Good thing what we have as Olympic games today didn’t originate from the Vikings and Scandinavians, a Mjólnir throwing event feels quite dangerous. Although there is a hammer throwing event in Olympic games. What do you mean I’m beside the point again ?

Let’s get back to topic. I decided to have the shaft made out of prismarine-like material, and the head itself iron. This makes for nice reflections and speculars.

Kappa 2.2
Kappa 2.2
Kappa 2.2
Kappa 2.2
Ymir beta 2… wait. Now I remember (thanks to the symphonic metal band Therion, mostly) that Ymir was a giant in Viking mythology that built the world of man, Midgard, from one of his brows. I might digress but you have to note the consistency.
Continuum 2.1 alpha build 8
Continuum 2.1 alpha build 8
BSL v7.1 current dev, mid-“flight” with the Aquaman enchantment (or Riptide, I always get those two mixed up)
Trident item, BSL v7.1 current dev
BSL v7.1 current dev

There I hope you’ll find that enjoyable. As for other items I didn’t go for custom models because Vanillaccurate is about keeping an “as close to vanilla as possible” look. Realaccurate might be different in that regard though.


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