Dev news : more 1.15/1.16 stuff

Here are new blocks I worked on today : some new nether-related blocks and some stone-related ones.

Here’s basalt, a two-part stone block. Basalt is an extrusive (volcanic) rock much like the well-known andesite, it’s intrusive (plutonic) counterpart being gabbro (andesite’s counterpart is diorite). I went for some kind of vesicular basalt texture, which is basalt with some holes/pores caused by gasses forming in the rock when pressure changes. I also aimed for a porous PBR behaviour similar to bricks.

Next block I did was related to crimson wood. Here are crimson stems and the top stump. I decided to use the red lines as intrusion pattern as well as making them slightly emissive. That turned out pretty good in my opinion, but as with most blocks they might change yet somewhere along the whole Vanillaccurate lifecycle.

And lastly for today, I also designed the crimson planks, which use not only the wood texture but also some nether-related patterns to perturbate the surface and make them more “hellish” looking.

I used Kappa 2.2 tC shader for these screenshots.

That’s all for today, I hope you’ll enjoy those blocks. As soon as optifine releases for the relevant versions I’ll share a early-access pack for patrons.

Take care !

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