Added OldPBR packs for SEUS PTGI/Renewed

Just a quick note to tell y’all I added downlads to OldPBR pre-converted packs.
I added them at the bottom of the page here.

This format is the format most non-LabPBR compliant shaders use.

Most notably, you can use those with SEUS PTGI and Renewed, and also older shaders such as Continuum 1.3, Continuum 2.0.2, SEUS v11…

Please note that while Continuum 2.0.3+, Continuum 2.1 and possibly RT are LabPBR compliant, they don’t exactly follow the LabPBR standard, so they interpret roughness differently and a conversion might be needed for optimal results. If you use one of those packs, you should use the LabPBR packs but I’ll release an updated converter in the coming days so you can adjust them to Continuum’s standard.

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