HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.0.0 – FIRST OFFICIAL RELEASE IS LIVE !

There is a new version available, click here.

Here it is at last ! The first complete release of the HardTop Vanillaccurate Pack !

At first you’ll find the LabPBR 1.3 pack but I’ll include pre-converted packs for PTGI and other smoothness/metal shaders. I’ll let you know when those are available as well.

My work is far from over with Vanillaccurate and satellite projects. Here is what I’m considering for the future :

  • Some blocks aren’t included because they wouldn’t make much sense (overridden by shader, for example)
  • Items, “moving” entities (mobs) and models (armours) will be designed at a later time and released as a separate pack (as not to clutter the main pack too much) – already released a pack
  • 1.15/1.16 design will begin when optifine for those versions is released (and when shaders are adjusted to work with these versions if required)
  • upscaling of patterns for 1K/2K packs will follow as well
  • as an ongoing process, improvement of current existing textures based on feedback or new ideas

then aside from Vanillaccurate :

  • development of Realaccurate is also planned (as ongoing process as well, it will benefit from any development made to Vanillaccurate)
  • the MCToolbox desktop app for the management of resource packs is also being actively developed: scripts (converter and upscaler) will be replaced with this app.
  • design of royalty-free vanilla-like blocks to use as a base for commercial vanilla-styled packs (https://github.com/hardtopnet/mc_vanilla_like)
  • design of a PBR extension for the Chroma Hills resource pack in partnership with Syclone (to be defined)
  • design of textures for the SurvivalM server


  • migrated to LabPBR 1.3 format. If you need LabPBR 1.1 or 1.2, please use the converter or download the appropriate pack whenever possible.
  • added missing ambient occlusion on blocks (all blocks)
  • added End blocks: end stone & stone bricks, purpur block, purpur pillar & top, chorus flower/dead flower/plant, shulker & shulker box, end rod, end portal frame (side, top, eye);
  • added some missing basic elements: redstone dust, lapis block, tripwire, cobweb, redstone repeater and comparator, cake, frosted ice, cartography table, dead bush, item frame, turtle egg;
  • added more “block-like” entities or non-mob entities : boat, enchanting table book, ender chest, trapped chest & double chest, minecart
  • added some albedo-only blocks : end gateway beam, beacon beam (end portal is tiling weirdly so it’s not possible to do something which tiles seamlessly)
  • added command-block-related stuff: command block (front, back, side, conditional); chain; repeating.
  • reworked base stone texture (improved for all resolutions), and reworked stone ore blocks as well:
    • changed all ores to look much closer to the vanilla texture
    • improved the blur on ores to prevent color fading
  • also improved all ores adding detail (albedo/normal) on the ores themselves.
  • heavily reworked dirt block & variants (grass path side, grass block snow, coarse dirt, grass block side, mycelium side&top, podzol side&top) – new texture
  • slightly reworked grass path (side & top), clay, composter_compost
  • heavily reworked grass texture (side overlay & top) – new base texture
  • reworked stone bricks and variants (improved albedo and normal + POM): stone bricks, cracked stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, chiseled stone bricks)
  • heavily reworked oak, dark oak, spruce logs & tops texture (new bark)
  • reworked farmland & moist farmland; furnace+observer & fixed emissive; blast furnace & smoker (metal smoothness); crafting table normals; bricks; obsidian; birch log & log top (stump) textures;
    anvil blocks & hopper; piston top sticky a bit (heightmap); barrel; chest & double chest (consistency); brewing stand base; fletching table; daylight detectors; torch & redstone torch;
    bookshelf; lever; tripwire hook; spawner
  • reworked emerald block : fixed normals vs additive height & added pyramid-like height pattern on the center part + added AO
  • massive rework of pumpkin textures: albedo, normal+height, roughness (used a single parametered graph for all sides)
  • reworked dried kelp block albedo+normal+height (used a single parametered graph for all 3 sides)
  • reworked cactus blocks albedo+normal+height (used a single parametered graph for all 3 sides)
  • reworked mushroom brown/red/stem/inside blocks albedo+normal+height (used a single parametered graph for all sides)
  • reworked sugar cane and bamboo stem albedo+normal; changed PBR data for cocoa, sugar cane & bamboo stem
  • heavily reworked end purpur block, pillar & pillar top (normal/height)
  • increased albedo detail strength on some blocks : brown mushroom block, red mushroom block, cacti, glowstone, hay block, prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, diamond block,
    emerald block, stone, bedrock, ores; iron & gold block
  • fixed bugs with campfire fire, fire0, and fire1; removed obsolete _n and _s
  • fixed and adjusted normals/height/PBR for campfire (unlit & lit)
  • fixed fire coral using bubble coral texture
  • also added some prototyped blocks for 1.16 (Nether update) like the netherite block.
    Won’t be in-game right now though (and Optifine is yet to be released for 1.15 with full shader support)
  • cleaned up obsolete external files (masks, …)

added blocks

  • redstone_dust_dot
  • redstone_dust_line0
  • redstone_dust_line1
  • redstone_dust_overlay
  • lapis_block
  • tripwire
  • cobweb
  • comparator
  • comparator_on
  • repeater
  • repeater_on
  • cake_bottom
  • cake_inner
  • cake_side
  • cake_top
  • frosted_ice_0
  • frosted ice_1
  • frosted ice_2
  • frosted ice_3
  • dead_bush
  • cartography_table_side0
  • cartography_table_side1
  • cartography_table_side2
  • cartography_table_top
  • item_frame
  • turtle_egg
  • turtle_egg_slightly_cracked
  • turtle_egg_very_cracked
  • end_stone
  • end_stone_bricks
  • purpur_block
  • purpur_pillar
  • purpur_pillar_top
  • chorus_flower
  • chorus_flower_dead
  • chorus_plant
  • end_rod
  • end_portal_frame_top
  • end_portal_frame_side
  • end_portal_frame_eye
  • shulker_box
  • yellow_shulker_box
  • white_shulker_box
  • red_shulker_box
  • purple_shulker_box
  • pink_shulker_box
  • orange_shulker_box
  • magenta_shulker_box
  • lime_shulker_box
  • light_gray_shulker_box
  • light_blue_shulker_box
  • green_shulker_box
  • gray_shulker_box
  • cyan_shulker_box
  • brown_shulker_box
  • blue_shulker_box
  • black_shulker_box
  • command_block_front
  • command_block_back
  • command_block_side
  • command_block_conditional
  • chain_command_block_front
  • chain_command_block_back
  • chain_command_block_side
  • chain_command_block_conditional
  • repeating_command_block_front
  • repeating_command_block_back
  • repeating_command_block_side
  • repeating_command_block_conditional
  • entity/shulker/spark
  • entity/shulker/shulker_yellow
  • entity/shulker/shulker_white
  • entity/shulker/shulker_red
  • entity/shulker/shulker_purple
  • entity/shulker/shulker_pink
  • entity/shulker/shulker_orange
  • entity/shulker/shulker_magenta
  • entity/shulker/shulker_lime
  • entity/shulker/shulker_light_gray
  • entity/shulker/shulker_light_blue
  • entity/shulker/shulker_green
  • entity/shulker/shulker_gray
  • entity/shulker/shulker_cyan
  • entity/shulker/shulker_brown
  • entity/shulker/shulker_blue
  • entity/shulker/shulker_black
  • entity/shulker/shulker
  • entity/bed/bed_yellow
  • entity/bed/bed_white
  • entity/bed/bed_red
  • entity/bed/bed_purple
  • entity/bed/bed_pink
  • entity/bed/bed_orange
  • entity/bed/bed_magenta
  • entity/bed/bed_lime
  • entity/bed/bed_light_gray
  • entity/bed/bed_light_blue
  • entity/bed/bed_green
  • entity/bed/bed_gray
  • entity/bed/bed_cyan
  • entity/bed/bed_brown
  • entity/bed/bed_blue
  • entity/bed/bed_black
  • entity/signs/acacia
  • entity/signs/birch
  • entity/signs/dark_oak
  • entity/signs/jungle
  • entity/signs/oak
  • entity/signs/spruce
  • entity/enchanting_table_book
  • entity/minecart

HardTop Vanillaccurate 16x v1.0.0.zip (curseforge)
HardTop Vanillaccurate 64x v1.0.0.zip (curseforge)
HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x v1.0.0.zip (curseforge)
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x v1.0.0.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x v1.0.0.zip – mirror

HardTop Vanillaccurate 16x v1.0.0 OldPBR (curseforge)
HardTop Vanillaccurate 64x v1.0.0 OldPBR (curseforge)
HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x v1.0.0 OldPBR (curseforge)
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x v1.0.0 OldPBR – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x v1.0.0 OldPBR – mirror

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