Dev news : massive rework of pumpkin blocks

I notice I haven’t shared news about Vanillaccurate’s march towards release.

I’m currently rechecking all blocks and implementing AO on all of them, so I can release a block-complete, feature-full pack soon enough. It’s going to be LabPBR 1.3 as you already know, but I’d also like to release other pre-converted packages for PTGI and other non-LabPBR packs (i.e. a basic smoothness/metal without emissive).

In the meantime I also reworked the pumpkin-related blocks to improve their albedo details, normals&height consistency and overall faithfulness.

Here are a couple of screenshots with various shaders.

Here I used Kappa v2.2

Here it’s Continuum 2.1 Alpha

Finally, a big GIF with a comparison between various shaders.

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