HardTop RP Converter v0.89


This new version of the converter brings some changes (mostly refactoring), the most important one being that convertions are now done recursively across different elements (blocks, items, models, entities).

I also removed the “new” Continuum format, as it’s essentially the LabPBR 1.3 format.

Also, I removed AdFly from the link providers from now on.

Here is the link to the tutorial just in case you’d get stuck somewhere


Vanillaccurate up to 0.5 (included) was LabPBR 1.1 (with no AO yet)
Later versions will be LabPBR 1.3 (with AO on all blocks)

Remember this when converting your pack. If you want to convert version 1.0 (when it releases) to, say, PTGI, you’ll first need to convert it back to LabPBR 1.1 as most of the script converters first assume the format is 1.1 (you must convert to 1.2 first then to 1.1).

i.e. should you wish to convert Vanillaccurate 1.0 to SEUS PTGI format, you need to convert it first to LabPBR 1.2 then run the converter again to convert from LabPBR 1.2 to 1.1, then finally convert to SEUS PTGI.
It’s quite slow right now, but the upcoming toolbox is going to perform faster and will allow conversions to be done in a single pass.

HardTop RP Converter v0.89.zip
HardTop RP Converter v0.89.zip – mirror

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