Realaccurate new textures preview

As I redid some of Vanillaccurate textures using photographic ones, I wanted to add them to Realaccurate as well, it turns out they look quite nice there too.

I will start working a bit more diligently on Realaccurate as soon as the first block-complete version of Vanillaccurate is released. I will indeed work on items/mobs and at the same time I’ll work on upgrading Vanillaccurate to 1K/2K, designing Realaccurate blocks in parallel.

new grass/dirt
new grass/dirt and reworked oak planks (I’ll improve the planks interstices later)
reworked oak planks
another close up
new oak log bark texture and dirt/grass
new oak log bark texture
one final shot of dirt/grass with the existing sand

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