Boaty McBoatface

Just for those who don’t know, there has been an online poll to name a science ship. The ship that was later named the RSS Sir David Attenborough was first dubbed “Boaty McBoatface” following the poll results. That name eventually went to one small unmanned sub onboard the David Attenborough. More info on the Wikipedia article (or any other newspaper that covered the event really)

Back to business, today’s entities are the boats (all blocks have been designed, except for some I won’t do for obvious reasons)

Kappa 2.1
Ymir beta 1.0
Continuum 2.1 alpha
BSL v7.1.05 dev
Voyager Shader 1.4
Kappa 2.1
Kappa 2.1
Kappa 2.1
Kappa 2.1

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