16x vanilla pack recreation

I wanted to test something today. I tried recreating a 16x resourcepack as close to vanilla Minecraft as possible (version 1.13+ though), as an experiment.

I used Substance to generate a couple of 16x textures I tried to design very similar to their original counterparts.

Here are two screenshots, the first being original Minecraft, the second being my experimental pack. I don’t know what I could do with that, but maybe someday I’ll make more blocks for it.

Original, vanilla Minecraft
MC Vanilla prototype

Some blocks are much easier to design than others. Bricks were a tad tricky but still okay, grass top and sand were quite easy, stone was a no-brainer but dirt is not that trivial… Maybe I’ll find a way to improve those someday but I honestly don’t know what use I could have for those 😉 still, it was fun.

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