Minecraft Resourcepack Toolbox news

I’ve been working a bit today on the toolbox, it’s starting to turn out great. I managed to get most functionality from the existing script already, and am working towards improving the support for pre- and post- 1.13 packs. It’s probably going to be a bit hit and miss you I will rely on your feedback to improve the tool.

Current functionality includes:

  • Conversion to old Continuum PBR (for those nostalgic of old Continuum versions)
  • Conversion to improve support of PTGI
  • Conversion to greatly improve support of Renewed (no black glass, removal of useless channels, …)
  • Conversion to pre- 1.13 format (pre-flattening)

The converter allows for folder or .ZIP as input / output. It doesn’t rely on external programs anymore (Yay NuGet) so everything required is included (zipping/unzipping, image processing, …)

Current interface is showing a progressbar as well as messages for each step of the process, and a side panel also displays the block folder of the resourcepack (only when using folder as input for now)

So it’s coming along quite nicely, next steps I’ll be looking into include :

  • Command-line interface for Windows, Linux and MacOS (hopefully)
  • Cross-platform UI
  • LabPBR 1.1 <-> 1.2 conversions (I’ll look into a way to customize the conversion so it’ll know where to look for AO files for example)
  • individual texture edition/conversion
  • custom folder conversion
  • conversion using external scripts (XML or JSON descriptor files or something)
  • More powerful blockstates edition/conversion (possibly using scripts like I just mentioned)
  • … and anything else useful, really.

So I don’t know if everything will go into there but I’ll try and develop the most useful Minecraft toolkit I can, so when I release the first version be sure to give me feedback here or on the ShaderLabs discord, that would be very much appreciated !

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