Minecraft Resourcepack Toolbox

I originally intended to design an application for myself but then I decided to rework it as a fully fledged converter/toolbox and release it to you all ! It will replace the RP Converter as well as bring new functionalities, such as

  • Bedrock <> Java conversions
  • LabPBR 1.1 <> 1.2
  • Minecraft >1.12 and 1.13> (pre- and post- flattening)
  • Convert to adjust packs for specific shaders (like clamping smoothness for Renewed E2 to avoid black glass)
  • Individual texture/channel adjustment
  • … more to be defined ?

It’s a WIP but I intend to release it and replace the RP Converter for Vanillaccurate, but also for people who’d want a tool to work with their favourite RP’s.

For the future, I *might* even develop a tool for people who like mixing various RP’s into one super-RP fine-tuned to their taste with resolution uniformization, individual adjustment, texture/block “groups” for easier multiple RP management… It’s only a thought at the moment but provided there’s enough interest for it, I might decide to spend some time later to make it a reality. Just tell me what you think !

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