Vanillaccurate on Bedrock ?

Thanks to the amazing GFPCoder (YouTube, Twitter), Bedrock might get stunning effects like we have with Minecraft Java Edition, Optifine and custom shaders.

We’re working together to bring Vanillaccurate to Bedrock with all bells and whistles we’re used to: normals, POM, ambient occlusion, PBR, …

Here is a sneak peek on GFPCoder’s work with Vanillaccurate Bedrock Edition.
VNCBE (for short) is still a feasability study and a rough prototype but I hope to be able to bring it to mobile editions (Android at first, possibly XBox, Win10 and other platforms later albeit without all the fancy effects).

I hope this project will garner a lot of interest and support as it could really be a huge thing !

3 thoughts on “Vanillaccurate on Bedrock ?

  1. Nice very nice !!!

    I started Minecraft on BEDROCK but stayed on JAVA for the customisation and all the possibilities , if Vanillacurate end up on BEDROCK i actually might use it a bit more ! Keep the hard work !


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