Dev news : version 1.16

I was hyped discovering the new Nether update with lots of new blocks ! I couldn’t wait to Vanillaccuratize one of those, so I chose the netherite block. Here my take on that one, I used 3 different shaders for the following screenshots.

Kappa shader 2.0 :

Continuum 2.1 alpha :

BSL Shader v7.1.04.1 :

So you see I’m pretty excited for that new version ! I can’t wait to finish 1.14 blocks then design 1.15 ones and finally be able to play around with those Nether goodies we’ve all seen today. The new “trees” and woods also seem awesome for builds (they even added the doors & trapdoors !) and the new netherite weapons will possibly be a game changer.

See you later folks !

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