HardTop RP Converter v0.41


This release fixes a bug that was present in v0.4 and prevented the converter from working.

Please download this converter to replace the faulty 0.4 if you were using this version.

This release should convert to the following formats:

  • “Old” Continuum format (was labelled “new”) in versions before 2.0.3
  • LabPBR Continuum format (should use LabPBR 1.1 in latest releases, Vanillaccurate wasn’t upgraded to LabPBR 1.2 yet)
  • SEUS Renewed format
  • SEUS PTGI format
  • 1.12 (pre-flattening) format

You might think that most shaders use the same kind of specular format but some have subtle differences (in the way they interpret roughness, or how they use emissive, …) so I decided to develop various presets so the pack is optimal with most shaders.

Don’t hesitate to give feedback and talk about it on my ShaderLabs channel !

HardTop RP Converter v0.41
HardTop RP Converter v0.41 — mirror 1
HardTop RP Converter v0.41 — mirror 2

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