Vanilla upscaled – changes

Hello Vanillaccurate enthusiasts ! Just sharing some thoughts with you here.

At first I decided to share upscaled vanilla textures because when using shaders such as Cody’s (SEUS Renewed, SEUS PTGI) having incorrect block size set in the shader preferences would yield issues (with POM or reflections). As my pack was mostly incomplete -makes sense, I was just starting- I decided to upscale vanilla textures in a standalone pack with matching resolutions so those would fill the gaps left by the then mostly incomplete Vanillaccurate.

Thing is, sharing vanilla textures is probably kinda against Mojang’s TOS. So I came up with another idea which would be quite interesting for everybody :

I will remove the Vanilla upscaled packs from the server BUT I will provide a script I just developed, which will automatically perform the upscaling of a specified version. I will probably need you to crash test it a bit to be sure it works most of the time, but it seems already functional. It can handle versions down to 1.8 or thereabouts, generates a relevant pack.mcmeta file and automatically upscales the specified version to the desired target.

I changed the Upscaled Vanilla Packs page to reflect these changes. Be sure to give it a go and leave feedback for me to improve the tool further !

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