Dev news : sea lantern rework

I wanted to put some of my recently acquired experience to work today regarding animated blocks.

As my software doesn’t allow for non-power-of-two-sized textures I couldn’t reliably develop blocks with frame count not being power-of-two exponents. This meant that sea lanterns for example had to be truncated to 4 frames instead of the original 5.

Now with a bit of thought and insight from the community, I found another way of designing those blocks. I still have to split the original texture into 2 or more separate files, each having a power-of-two number of frames (think binary operations). Then I can design those animated-block-parts individually using the same generator, then stitch those separately rendered file into a final .png using an ImageMagick script. Works like a charm and I will now be able to redesign the previous truncated animations I did before.

I won’t do it right now, as I just wanted to try it on the sea lantern to assess how convenient/easy it was to do but the rest will have to wait until the pack is complete.

Here is a small looping animation of the sea lantern where you can see the animated frames don’t “jump around” anymore and all original frames are in there. I don’t have amazing video-editing/GIF-making skills so bear with me here 😉

Agian, thanks for your support !

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