Dev news : doors (the rest of them)

Here are the last doors & trapdoors I redesigned. There are still very small seams visible because some of the details like planks interstices or square panels are slightly recessed so as Minecraft (and the shaders) treat each half as full blocks the borders of those blocks are considered having “full height” so POM “rises” at those borders.

There’s nothing that can be done here except maybe remove POM altogether around those borders. But then blocks like the oak doors couln’t have it’s square panels recessed (because having only the ones on the bottom part recessed but not those which “cross” the borders doesn’t make sense…).

Anyway here they are !

Please also note they are much more consistent with the vanilla blocks hue and contrast-wise. Trapdoors are also built using the same graphs so they should look very consistent with their door counterparts.

Enjoy !

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