Dev news: more 2K

As some toolkits/assets are shared between Vanillaccurate and Realaccurate (remember, it’s the fancy codename for the 2K realistic-looking pack ?) I can sometimes design locks for both packs at the same time (or at the very least do stuff that benefit both packs).

Today I added some first-draft-blocks to the 2K pack and decided to show some screenshots.

Some blocks WILL be reworked (if not all…) like the oak planks. Those look nice with Vanillaccurate but the added sharpness/resolution Realaccurate brings requires the textures to be flawless. My oak planks were designed using my own oak floor, so I’ll probably redo them at some point, using a good camera, lighting and compositing in my raster editor so the tiles align and match perfectly geometry- and light distribution-wise

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