Dev news : further into 2K

Went a bit further down the 2K road today. Let me emphasize the fact I’m not looking to compete with awesome looking realistic packs such as the ones from Umsoea, Patrix, Ultimate Immersion, Rudy, … but merely providing a pack which is close to Vanillacurate (and by extension vanilla) but with more detail and a more lifelike look instead of the pixelated one.

The work going into this also benefits future 1K and 2K versions of Vanillaccurate as I’ll probably reuse some assets. After all, I want both packs to look quite similar because the realistic one will be split into smaller, themed packs which complement Vanillaccurate. For example, you might want to use Vanillaccurate 1K but with more realistic plants, then put the realistic plant add-on on top and keep an overall cohesive look.

For all intents and purposes, the new realistic pack will be nicknamed Realaccurate. Here is a new preview of what you can expect.

– gravel
– sand (I have to equalize colors a bit otherwise the repeating pattern will be way too noticeable)
– dirt

Hope you like it and you’re as excited as I am to try it in game 🙂 As always, comments welcome here or on the ShaderLabs discord !-

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