Dev news : Vanillaccurate future plans

As you all know, Vanillaccurate is not going to stop anytime soon. I already told you that I planned on doing 1K / 2K versions of the Vanillaccurate pack, as well as more-realistic-yet-still-close-to-vanilla packs loosely based on Vanillaccurate’s detail patterns.

I gave that a bit more thought, and I came to a conclusion (which is still open for debate) : I think I’m going to develop/release the realistic packs as partial, themed ones. For example, one that would replace all foliage, one that would only target nether blocks, one for wood blocks, … possibly also one big pack that would regroup all of those.
That way anyone could add the realistic blocks of their choosing on top of their current resource pack, for instance they could add a revamped tree foliage add-on pack on top of Vanillaccurate RP so they’ll keep Vanillaccurate’s default look for most blocks & just change the tree leaves to a more realistic (yet fitting still) design.

I started toying around with the BlockBench tool, which is very useful to edit custom models.

Of course this is just a quick test I did to assess how easy and practical it would be to do custom block models. Here’s what it looks like in game :

That was done in a couple of minutes of course, but the possibilities are there. Can’t wait to delve deeper in those !

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