Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh

Old farts like me might have guessed which block this post is about.

For the others, Magma is a french experimental rock band founded by drummer Christian Vander. They usually sing using an invented language called Kobaian (Kobaïen in French) and some of their album covers were realized by none other than the late Hans Rudolf Giger, designer of the Alien visual identity (based on his work Necronom IV). He also designed some props for the movie Dune, based on the Frank Herbert novel.

Anyways I digress. Here is the magma block. I tried animating it just a bit so it’s glow seems to flicker much like the original. There is a slight 3-frame interpolated animation so tell me if you notice any slowdowns or stuttering because of it (note I didn’t animate the normal/height/PBR textures).

Here is also a comparison between several shaders to illustrate how they represent the magma effect (there is emissive in the PBR data) :

Again, don’t hesitate to leave feedback here or on the ShaderLabs Discord 😉

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