Dev news : new PC

As my processing needs increased with the numerous software I have to run on my machine to perform design, testing -you name it- I decided a while ago to start saving money to afford a new computer. I decided to take the plunge and went for an AMD platform with 32GB RAM and an overclocked 2070 Super GPU.

Unfortunately, those don’t feature more VRAM than my older 1070 I had in my laptop, so I won’t easily be able to test very large resource packs. I didn’t get the Ti because I recently heard that nVidia was supposed to release their next GPU lineup (called Ampere) around Q2 2020 so I didn’t want to spend more than 1K$ for a GPU that would end up outdated a couple of months later.

With the 2070 Super I felt it was a good trade-off, as it’s almost as powerful as the 2080 Super (a couple of % tops) but is around half the price of a Ti. When Ampere releases, I’ll possibly go for the highest-tier (Titan aside) considering that board will most probably feature at least 12GB VRAM… provided I have enough cash at that time.

So now I’m currently migrating all my stuff from the old PC to the new one, which is quite tedious because some software use the registry to store their settings and don’t always provide some kind of export function. Migrating files worth 2TB over a network is also painfully slow, so I’ll do my best but I won’t be working much on Vanillaccurate for the next couple of days. I’ll get you up to speed as soon as everything is ready 😉

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