Dev news: formats

As there are quite a lot of shaders which don’t all interpret the formats the same way, I thought of some way to improve compatibility. First step was to provide a Continuum add-on pack but it’s quite clumsy and tedious to maintain, not mentioning taking precious space on the file storage server.

Thus I decided to change a bit the way I was going to handle the different formats in the future. Starting next version, I’ll remove the Continuum add-on pack from the release downloads, but at the same time I’ll provide a small utility script you’ll be able to use to convert the pack to any format you need. This tool is Windows only though, so reach out if you’re running another system. Should work with WINE in case you’re running Linux.

At launch the only formats that will be supported will be Continuum 2.0.x and SEUS but I might upgrade to other formats if needed.

Why SEUS you’ll say, as LabPBR is already supposed to be compatible with SEUS? Well it’s indeed supposed to be compatible but there are other data in channels which might or might not be misinterpreted by SEUS now or in the future, and SEUS Renewed seems to have issues with some high-smoothness blocks as well, thus clamping smoothness values seemed the safer option.

On top of the format conversion, I though it would also be convenient to provide a means to convert the pack to pre-1.13 format, so I’ll update the tool to handle that retro-compatibility functionality as well. It might now work 100% at launch, but your feedback would be very much welcome to improve the workflow.

Last but not least, next (or the one after that) version might also see a new flavour : a 64x version. I’ll keep you posted as soon as it’s ready to deploy !

Thanks again for your support !

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