Dev news : improved diamond, better performance with animations

Good day to you all! I wanted to share a bit of what’s currently going on with the development of Vanillaccurate. New version should hit the blog within the hour 🙂

First, after a somewhat lengthy chat with fellow texture artists and shader developers on the ShaderLabs discord, I refined the diamond texture a bit to give a more natural-looking style to what a rough diamond block could look like, keeping in mind the requirement of looking as close to vanilla as possible being paramount.

Here’s what I came up with, you’ll find it in version v0.2.06 of Vanillaccurate !

In other news, I noticed a lot of performance issues with high-res animations as well as animated _n and _s files. As I don’t want users to be forced to disable animations altogether, I chose to remove most animations from normal/height files and PBR files. Only colormaps keep the animated frames and interpolation was disabled as well, as it’s a huge performance-breaker. Feel free to experiment with some animated blocks, such as camp fire, lantern, sea lantern, smoker, blast furnace, and so on.

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