New planks

In a effort to remove most of 3rd party textures, I usually try & develop procedural ones when applicable. Sometimes I might also want to use my micro 4/3 camera to capture shots of common textures. As planks are more tricky to do procedurally (it’s still doable but I felt photography would look better) I decided to shoot the wood floors at my place & turn them into wood textures.

And here’s a spoiler for y’all: another reason I want to control the whole chain with textures is I’d most probably want to provide a 1024x or 2048x pack someday -vanilla or otherwise-, thus my textures have to scale accordingly. Stay tuned !

Without further ado, here’s the results of what the oak planks now look like, starting with version 0.2.01. Please note only oak have been converted so far, but if feedback is good I’ll do the other variants as well. Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think in the comments !

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