HardTop Vanillaccurate Pack v0.1.8

Here is a new WIP version of Vanillaccurate Pack. Enjoy !

  • replaced grass texture (might still change later)
  • tweaked sand a bit (adjusted hue to match vanilla better, smoothened height to improve repeating/tiling pattern)
  • created first animated texture (blast furnace) but with mixed results: stretching/tiling texture to repeat it over several animation stages produces a bit of smoothness.
  • adjusted dirt/coarse dirt to match vanilla more closely



  • grass_block_top
  • grass_block_side_overlay
  • sand
  • dirt
  • coarse_dirt
  • grass_block_side
  • grass_block_snow
  • grass_path_side


  • blast_furnace_front
  • blast_furnace_front_on (animated)
  • blast_furnace_side
  • blast_furnace_top
  • smoker_front
  • smoker_front_on
  • smoker_side
  • smoker_top
  • redstone_block
  • rail
  • rail_corner

HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x v0.1.8.zip
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x v0.1.8.zip
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x v0.1.8.zip
HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x Continuum v0.1.8.zip
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x Continuum v0.1.8.zip
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x Continuum v0.1.8.zip

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