v0.1.0 Continuum Add-on

Starting with version 0.1.0, I decided to offer you guys an add-on pack which will be Continuum-compliant. Just select “New” as the resource-pack format in Continuum options.

Why Continuum when the regular LabPBR-compliant pack works as well with the “Old” option ? Because I think Continuum uses SEUS-like format with the “Old” format and thus porosity (possibly emissive?) is ignored. Using Continuum format all parameters are taken into account.

I’ll probably have to refine my scripts to provide more accurate specular files (encoding is sometimes different: linear/square) but I wanted to give you all the direction where I want to go with my pack.

Main focus remains LabPBR format (you can use with SEUS because SEUS’s format is using roughly the same info/channels as LabPBR, and Continuum has an option to use that format as well) but I’ll provide a Continuum add-on pack from now on for those interested.

I updated the v0.1.0 post, so be sure to head there to grab the Continuum add-on packs you need 😉

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