HardTop Vanillaccurate Pack v0.0.9

Here is a new WIP version of Vanillaccurate Pack. Enjoy !

NOTE: this pack fixes lots of issues with v0.0.8 regarding incorrect texture dimensions and bit-depth. I created a script so I can be sure everything is correct before packaging so this shouldn’t happen again. Sorry 🙂

As always, any feedback welcome !



  • most blocks which were incorrectly set as 16-bit color.
  • polished_andesite (on the 512x version)
  • polished_diorite (on the 512x version)
  • polished_granite (on the 512x version)


  • *_ore
  • stone
  • cobblestone
  • mossy_cobblestone


  • oak_door_bottom
  • oak_door_top
  • iron_door_bottom
  • iron_door_top

HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x v0.0.9
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x v0.0.9
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x v0.0.9

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